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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 13:32:01 on July29,2003

    Entry number 107977

    keyword=L-arm problems

    The lower CAMAC crate's power supply is broken and needs to be replaced.
    It continuously blows fuse 16F (a 15 A, 250 V fuse), tried to replace it 3 times,
    the supply makes an ominous noise and blows the fuse. Replacing with a spare
    will take an hour. It was decided by RC to postpone this until tomorrow 8 AM.

    Regarding the VDC HV, we reset the supply in the hut and (more importantly I
    think) reset in the "Reset" GUI in the main EPICS Gui. The HV came on.

    Instruction to shift: No point in running L-arm DAQ.