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    User name LeRose

    Log entry time 15:57:03 on July31,2003

    Entry number 108242

    keyword=Synchrotron Interferometer

    Synchrotron Interferometer output is available in the counting house.
    Go to the "Accelerator Main Menu"
    go to the right button for Data Acq and click on "Hall A 1C12 SLI Datacube" for full display. Quantities of interest are the horizontal (slm:MV_AI_DYID) and vertical (slm:MV_AI_DXID) widths. (Really the horizontal as it relates to beam energy spread).
    I've setup a strip chart to monitor the output (see the "OTR plotting" workspace) as preparation for the hypernuclear experiment. Collaborators take note!

    FIGURE 1