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    User name Armstrong

    Log entry time 23:11:06 on July31,2003

    Entry number 108285

    keyword=Left Arm DAQ troubles

    Now that Møller is done, we are back to optics studies.

    We have trouble getting the Left Arm CODA going. Vince and I try
    several things, with no real success so far.

    Symptom(s): at download ROC14 takes a long time to respond, eventually
    seems to time out: "ROC 14 has not reported status for 20 seconds"
    then other components report download, then finally we get:

    "Thread 8: ROC 4 boot timeout" and
    "Download: ROC subsystems timout !!! (270, 270, 1000)"

    However, on the ROC14 window telnet window it seems alive
    (at least we get the -> prompt response to carriage returns).

    We try several iterations of reset/configure/download and the full kcoda
    on the left arm, to no avail.

    Try reboot on ROC14 from the telnet window. Seems to start the reboot
    happily, but then soon it starts to spew binary to the screen. Eventually
    comes back to the -> prompt. Try reset/configure/download and this
    time download complains that it hasn't heard from ROC4. Try reboot
    of ROC4 on telnet window.

    Get "Thread 8 ROC 4 boot timeout".

    We call the R.C. for advice (i.e. do we need to declare defeat
    and call Bob?). R.C. says that the left arm is needed for the elastics
    which will be coming sometime in the middle of owl shift, so
    we are told to call Bob.