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    User name R. Feuerbach, Xin-hu Yan

    Log entry time 17:38:40 on July18,2006

    Entry number 174420


    keyword=CSR detector ADC bad?

    We verified the signal coming out of the CSR detector was good. The pulse width for channels 1 to 4 was less than 100 ns (95% of the signal), while for channels 5 and 6 (labelled NaI) the width was closer to 600 ns.

    No signal was being seen in the data from channels 5 and 6; a pedestal run was taken as well as a normal run with pedestal suppression turned off. We found that ALL six channels for the CSR detector do not have a real pedestal, suggesting either the channel map is wrong, the cable is flipped over, or the ADC is bad.

    It still has to be investigated.