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    User name jpchen

    Log entry time 14:43:10 on July21,2006

    Entry number 174726

    keyword=target: heat load limit (A+C) =25 g/s

    Reduced heater to about 30 W on both loops. ESR flow is around 8.5-8.7 g/s.

    Due to the limited ESR capacity. The total coolant for both halls A and C should be limited 25 g/s (can reach 25 g/s, but not exceed).
    When Hall C running maximum current of 60 uA on their 20 cm LH2
    target, it will take about 16 g/s. So when we are not using beam on cryotarget, we should keep our heat laod below 9 g/s. Typically if we
    keep HP heater to about 30 W and fan speed to 48 Hz, it should be OK.

    When we need to take beam on cryotarget (both LD2 and LH2 with Pb), we should coordinate with Hall C to be sure to not exceed the 25g/s