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    User name sarty

    Log entry time 23:49:50 on July 22, 2006

    Entry number 174869

    keyword=Finally: good beam steering, good beam size

    Beam steered to good positions - did HARP scan to confirm. Harp scan run # 2230:

    H03A: position (X,Y) = (-0.252 mm, -0.099 mm) size: sigma (X,Y) = (382 microns, 180 microns)

    H03B: position (X,Y) = (-0.371 mm, 0.045 mm) size: sigma (X,Y) = (49 microns, 275 microns)

    BPMs actually show (X,Y) positions a bit better (all within 0.1 mm of 0)

    Put in OTR again, hard to tell if it is really reading correctly...shows crummy looking signal, it says size of about 1.5 mm in both X and Y. Won't worry about it now since it really doesn't look like a reliable signal.