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    User name sarty

    Log entry time 18:15:35 on July 24, 2006

    Entry number 175149

    keyword=Access to power-cycle ROC3 in HRS-L DAQ system (while MCC continues tuning)

    Alex was getting error messages during decoding analysis indicating a problem in an ADC controlled by ROC3...for example, from Run 1630 PODD analysis:

    THaEvData: WARNING: Fastbus slot 23 has extra hits 7 THaEvData: WARNING: Fastbus slot 24 has extra hits 7 THaEvData: WARNING: Fastbus slot 25 has extra hits 6 (and many more like this - only from these 3 slots)

    We took an access (~1 hour total time from Controlled Access to Beam Permit), Alex took a look...power cycled ROC3, and the error is gone away.

    Note that MCC was still in the process of tuning up, so I don't believe we lost any time (or slowed down beam tuning), because when we came back up, there remains no beam to Hall C (and MCC had told me they were tuning to the Hall A "dumplet"...whatever/wherever that is!...so our access wouldn't interfere with their tuning).