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    User name Jack

    Log entry time 16:07:18 on July31,2006

    Entry number 176532

    keyword=CSR test crystals' position

    The crystals for the CSR test run were mounted in a small aluminum frame. The frame was supported by some unistrut rails inside the center section of the carbon doors. Prior to removing the assembly, after the run, we measured the distance from the bottom corners of the small aliuminum frame to the inside of the large aluminum frame for the carbon doors. The beam right side was 63 3/4" and the beam left side was 64". So, slightly cocked. We also measured from the side of the small aluminum frame to the inside of the side of the large aluminum frame. Beam right was 31 7/8" and beam left was 35 5/8". A bit off-center. The position in Z was not measured directly, but the front of the crystals looked to extend about 2" in front of the carbon doors.