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    User name Katich

    Log entry time 20:23:21 on February 3,2009

    Entry number 258811


    keyword=Lumi Data Insertion Error

    Transversity run number 5345 is the last production run to have lumi data properly inserted to the transversity DAQ. The original cause of the problem has not been found, however, after some work, things are functioning properly again.

    Fortunately, measures were taken before the expeiment such that the data is recoverable via HAPPEX runs, so nothing is lost...just some more code to be written to analyze that data.

    It is not clear what caused the problem - all peripherals (PANGUIN, etc...) showed no signs of a problem, and (as far as I know) none of the insertion code has been touched since the start of the experiment. The problem only became evident while I was trying to form a lumi asymmetry from a recently replayed set of runs.