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    User name riordan

    Log entry time 07:58:16 on February 5,2009

    Entry number 259046

    keyword=Owl Shift Summary

    Owl Shift Summary

    Leader: Seamus Riordan
    Target: Aidan Kelleher
    Worker: Ya Li

    00:00 Started shift in production, run 5871
    00:45 End run 5871 - 800k events, 47.9 mC
    Request escorted access to put in BigBite sieve
    01:20 Access completed, moving to beam permit
    01:35 Beam restored - using BeO target
    Starting RICH and BigBite optics calibration runs
    01:44 Changing LHRS momentum to 1.5 GeV/c
    02:56 LHRS to 1 GeV/c, raster off
    04:06 Moving to 3He target, going to maximum raster
    04:19 Raster to 3x4
    05:15 LHRS to 0.6 GeV/c
    07:00 Beam off, going to controlled access
    08:00 Awaiting arrival of the survey group