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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 17:41:18 on February 5,2009

    Entry number 259094

    keyword=ROC4 issues

    The parameter NMOD in sfi4.crl was 3, but evidently should have
    been 4. I suppose someone added a device and forgot. I've fixed
    this now for L-HRS.

    Implications seem minor:
    a) 2 places in CRL code where memory-overwrite occurs,
    probably does nothing (vxWorks doesn't complain or crash);
    b) wrong datascan, and c) last module (the ADC in slot 18)
    would not be checked or cleared for extra hits, if any (unlikely).

    Actually there was a warning printed about this, but I guess it
    was ignored (too much printed out ?).