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    User name Jin

    Log entry time 22:08:58 on February 05, 2009

    Entry number 259122


    keyword=Target: Stepper motors driving laser 1/4Wave plates are OFF

    Since D2n do not use vertical target pumping laser, stepper motors (#1426 & #1423), driving vertical 1/4Wave plates, are disconnected (Their cables on USB hub are disconnected). The 1/4Wave plates are fixed to give vertical up direction pumping.

    The other pair of stepper motors (#0338 & #1474), controlling transverse pumping line, are turned off (could be remotely turned on again). The 1/4Wave plates are left for + direction pumping too (+ direction = along holding field = tranverse - in Hall CS).

    Just for record, the power supply to all stepper motors are also turned off. To recover, access hareboot12 and turn on "stepper motors"

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: yqiang, jpchen