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    User name Target Group

    Log entry time 05:16:24 on February 06, 2009

    Entry number 259148

    keyword=Laser alignment done, CAN system disabled

    During the night, we first finished the alignment of the longitudinal laser.
    Then we moved and adjusted the EPR D2 assembly so that we had good EPR
    signals from both Transverse and Longitudinal Pumping.
    Because of the way we preserve the longitudinal polarized laser light,
    the longitudinal pumping up tests was done with only two COMET lasers.
    After a about 2 hours longitudinal pumping, our projected maximum
    polarization is about 55+-10%, which means the 2 Q-wave plates method is
    actually working!!!
    However, we found out after switched to the vertical RF coil (to cover
    both transverse and longitudinal directions) the transverse pickup coil
    in the pumping chamber is no more in optimal position. So it took us some
    time to tune it well, and we adjusted the longitudinal pickup coil as well.
    After all these stuff, we put back the target enclosure and started a
    formal spin up test for longitudinal pumping.

    The plot uploaded is showing the laser spectrum of longitudinal pumping
    with different field setting, blue: Longitudinal field, red: transverse

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: jpchen, moffit, brads

    Figure 1