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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 11:52:06 on February 06, 2009

    Entry number 259206

    This entry is a followup to: 259191


    keyword=R-HRS DAQ for parasitic pleasures.

    The R-HRS DAQ also runs on adev account (hence a potential for
    interference if not careful) but since it uses a different
    SESSION (environment variable) and different computer (adaql5)
    the risks are very small.

    Here is how to run:

    1. Login to adaql5 as adev account, same as before.

    2. If you want to open xterms for frontends, type "setupxterms_rhrs"
    (the standard "setupxterms" is for L-HRS production mode.)

    3. Type this: "source setup_rhrs"
    Actually you don't have to remember the following because the above
    script will remind you, but anyway ...

    4. Type this: "kcoda_rhrs" (note the "rhrs")

    5. Then "startcoda_rhrs" (note the "rhrs")

    6. Pick the CODA config "RightHrs" as usual.

    7. Prescale factors: ~adev/prescale/prescale_rhrs.dat (note the "rhrs")
    (The file prescale.dat is used by L-HRS production mode.)

    8. The data files are /adaql1/data4/e06010_rhrs_NNN.dat.* where
    NNN = run number (> 40,000). This is doubly non-interfering because
    of the "rhrs" string and the large run numbers. The L-HRS runs are
    above 20,000.

    At the moment I see no events from the R-HRS DAQ, but the prescales
    are loaded correctly so I suppose Ramesh has turned something off.
    It should work if you have triggers going to the Trigger Supervisor.

    - Bob M.

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