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    Log entry time 01:38:02 on February 07, 2009

    Entry number 259389

    keyword=Adjustment of Q-wave plates for Longitudinal Lasers

    The first and second Q-wave plates were sitting at 85 and 56 degrees
    (representing the 18 degrees phase shift of 3'' mirror). During the
    access, we tuned the Q-wave plates to maximum the laser absorption
    spectrum (assuming higher the laser polarization, higher the spectrum).
    We finally got 76 and 61 degrees of two Q-wave plates, this means that
    the phase shift of 6'' mirror is about 32 degrees.
    This 14 degrees difference in the phase shift will drop our laser
    polarization to only 84%. Hopefully, this adjustment will increase our
    target polarization.
    Another longitudinal pumping up started at random target location...

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