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    User name flay

    Log entry time 00:26:11 on February 8,2009

    Entry number 259631

    keyword=TDC cerenkov with t2 cut

    Looking at the TDC for run# 1088. Applying a t2 cut (cut2 = Form("(Ndata.DL.edtpbb==0)&&((abs(DL.t2[0]-650)<10))");) produces the red histo. Applying (cut1 = Form("(Ndata.DL.edtpbb==0)&&((abs(DL.t2[0]-650)>10))"); gives the blue histo. The green is only with the electronic deadtime pulse cut. It is peculiar that cut1 yields a sharper peak here.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2