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    User name Kalyan

    Log entry time 19:39:18 on February 08, 2009

    Entry number 259851


    keyword=Coincidence trigger setup

    A coincidence trigger is setup for the one-pass running. We had to get
    rid of about 60ns of hardware delay on T3(used by the CAMAC width/delay
    modules) at the BB weldment. That means we don't have remote adjustments
    on T3. And I effectively added 15ns to T1 trigger before going to
    coincidence. All this was done set the timing for the gates right,
    without adding extra delay on analogue signals. Re-timing on BB is still
    done with T1.

    T1(EDTM pulse) comes 60ns after the coin. window(T3). T3 width is set to 140ns.

    The edtm delay setting for this kinematics (proton ~870MeV) is ./edtmsetup 90 53

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