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    User name brads

    Log entry time 10:53:38 on February10,2009

    Entry number 260247


    keyword=New TWOARM_FBADC coda config

    TWOARM_FBADC is an updated version of the TWOARM_FB config that will also read out the F250 flash adcs installed this morning.

    The TS files ts_scaler.crl and usrstrutils.c in /adaqfs/home/a-onl/bbite/crl/ were modified to support the new crate. The crl and boot script for the fadc script is in /adaqfs/home/a-onl/bbite/fadc/.

    The flash ADCs are on what used to be the v767 TS branch (#2 I think).
    name: bbts2 (
    portserver: telnet bbps2 2004