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    User name zhangyi

    Log entry time 00:03:53 on February11,2009

    Entry number 260390

    keyword=Swing shift summary

    Swing shift summary
    16:00 shift start with beam trip for 20 min
    16:30 beam back, start taking data. run#1260
    16:47 start a new run#1261
    17:25 call MCC for control access
    20:00 we finish control access and ask MCC for beam back.
    20:15 beam come back, start bpm turning
    20:50 finish beam turning, Xin starts BB optics study.
    21:21 fill Ref. cell with 133 psi H2
    23:08 Start BCM calibration the data file name is:
    23:59 shift ends.