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    User name kumbartzki

    Log entry time 23:59:29 on February12,2009

    Entry number 260795

    keyword=Swing shift Summary

    Start with Hall going to beam permit.
    No beam, still troubles with accelerator.
    Since there is no threat of getting beam soon, Brad asked for controlled access to the hall at 16:39
    18:40 Hall back in beam permit, but no sign of electron ins the pipe.
    In the mean time the target was moved to "empty".
    Beam started at 19:00
    Started with Bean positioning, Had harp scans performend,
    checked position on BeO target (looked centered).
    Did two raster checks 4X4 and 2X2 before going to He3 target.
    Continue with raster and rate checks.
    21:00 we are ready to start production ask for 15 /uA.
    Lost 15 min beam for no good reason
    Run 20154/1359
    22:30 took target out for Compton check (A.Camsonne)
    Continued with production run