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    User name xqian

    Log entry time 23:41:08 on February13,2009

    Entry number 261021

    keyword=Clear Hole in acceptance for T6 trigger

    see plot, this is first pass elastic plot.

    One can compare the same plot of transversity

    last plot T1 for transversity

    http://www.jlab.org/~adaq/halog/html/0812_archive/081203012950.html plothttp://www.jlab.org/~adaq/halog/html/0812_archive/081203012950.html inhttp://www.jlab.org/~adaq/halog/html/0812_archive/081203012950.html http://www.jlab.org/~adaq/halog/html/0812_archive/081203012950.html