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    User name Kumbartzki

    Log entry time 23:56:35 on February13,2009

    Entry number 261023

    keyword=Swing shift summary

    Started late, not surprisingly and not for the first time, at the gate I found out my badge was invalidated sometimes today. Great timing for the weekend. Had to run (came without car) to Varc 28.

    16:43 Run 20173 / 1387
    17:47 Run 20174 / 1397
    18:16 Stopped data taking and asked for controlled access.
    18:30 % people are going down into the hall
    Set momentum at LHRS 0.700 (quads cycled)
    21:20 beam is back.
    Start with raster checks: 2x2 on BeO OK
    He-3 raster 2x2 spot is good rate T3 = 72 T4=14
    increase raster 4x4 rate T3 and T4 similar
    The max raster is still OK
    changing back to 4X4 and go to production.
    21:55 Run 20180 / 1402
    22:45 asked again for controlled access to work on DAQ (Brad)
    Run raster checks again and went back to 4 x 4 mm
    23:26 Run 20183 / 1403
    At end of shift data taking underway