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    User name Jin Huang

    Log entry time 03:29:28 on February 14, 2009

    Entry number 261058

    This entry is a followup to: 261030

    keyword=Dead time after thr change / new scalar replay

    Several prescale combo has been tried to opimize data taking after T6 thrshould change. The final setting was to take ~3KHz T2 and 200Hz T6 and bring the DT to 6% (consitant between Datamon and BBNormAna).

    Besides, since data rate doubled, the total event for each run was set to 5M, bringing file spliting from 3splits to 5 splits.

    A new scalar replay tool is setup for experts: replay_scalar_BB(<run#>). it's suggested to replay1M events (=5min data taking time). It would take 5-10min to finish the analysis (totally depends on the raw data file read speed) and generate a 10MB- slim root file.

    Time Line 

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: brads, moffit, kalyan