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    User name D. Parno

    Log entry time 04:55:56 on February 14, 2009

    Entry number 261084

    This entry is a followup to: 261082

    keyword=Compton vertical tune done

    I've done a quick vertical scan and the new integrated field set point is 1116796.928 (corresponding to our IPM102B.YPOS = -0.93). This gave good-looking rates at 10 uA during the scan; we'll have to see if they drift.

    If the Compton HV (beamline card 11 slot 1) keeps tripping, you can turn it down to -1750 V (and probably even -1700 V) if necessary. If the Compton gamma rate disappears, you've gone too far.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: brads, camsonne