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    User name brads

    Log entry time 22:42:31 on February 15, 2009

    Entry number 261367


    keyword=BB Cerenkov base + PMT on #12 replaced

    I chose to replace the base + PMT on Cerenkov slot 12 tonight while the rest of the shower was being checked out.

    Gas flow was set to purge level, purge valve opened, PMT assembly removed, blank flange bolted on to seal hole. Replacement on PMT assembly took ~60 minutss. PMT assembly reinserted and purge was continued for ~30 minutes more before closing purge valve and lowering rate to standard flow.

    C4F8O cylinder weight at start of procedure:  189.0 lbs
    C4F8O cylinder weight at end of procedure:    183.0 lbs
    Old base:  ser #  6595
    Old PMT:   ser #   276,  Model 4508
    New base:  ser #  6667
    New PMT:   ser # 60311, Model 4572B  (brand new UV glass PMT)