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    User name brads

    Log entry time 04:01:33 on February16,2009

    Entry number 261424


    keyword=HW vs. SW row sums for run 1482 (after gain re-calibration)

    HW vs. SW row sums for run 1482 (after gain re-calibration).

    1st 26 rows are software sums; 2nd 26 rows are the HW sums that the trigger sees; upper 26 rows are the SW/HW ratio * 1000.

    I zoomed a little on the x-axis to allow the color scale to show more detail (cut-out the big, low energy bins). Fig. 2 is full range.

    There's more spread in the energy deposition then I would like. I still don't understand the +-15% spread in the SW/HW ratio...

    If someone wants to play with this macro it's in ~adaq/brad/d2n/onlana/triggerHole_mysum.C

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2