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    User name xqian

    Log entry time 01:10:36 on February18,2009

    Entry number 261744

    keyword=Trigger problem, comments

    1. it seems not to be a timing problem, from the observation of timing of pre-shower sum.

    2. it seems the split is clearly correlated to the hit at different side of preshower block.

    3. The software sum should be good. From the study of Kalyan's gain match and the study with correlation with momentum.

    4. The Filter is at all channels for preshower-sum, all channels for shower-sum, preshower indivitual ADCs for 0-15 (Left and Right) channels. The rest channels in preshower and shower do not have the filter. Thus, it is possible this is a combined effect of this filter together with the left/right shower asymmetry???