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    User name V. Sulkosky

    Log entry time 15:20:36 on February 18, 2009

    Entry number 261861

    keyword=Deadtime Check for Longitudinal Production Runs

    I checked the deadtime from the Bigbite longitudinal production runs.
    For some of the runs the average deadtime for T2, T6 and T8 is over 10%.
    Run 1549, which we saw the datamon deadtime fluctuating up to 50%
    on average about 23%.
    1534         15.1%
    1544         14.1%
    1549         23.4%

    The average deadtime for all other runs was typically 10% or less. The
    deadtime for T2 triggers was usually 7% or less, but the deadtime for
    T6 and T8 triggers was closer to 15%.

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