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    User name Kalyan & xqian

    Log entry time 18:17:01 on February18,2009

    Entry number 261913

    keyword=dead time study

    Int_t run_number[5]={1564,1565,1566,1567,1569};

    Float_t ps_t2[5]={8,80,15,2,-1};

    Float_t ps_t6[5]={350,35,64,-1,8};

    Float_t real_rate_t2[5]={2.4,0.24,1.2,2.5,0.};

    Float_t real_rate_t6[5]={0.23,2.3,1.2,0.,2.6};

    Float_t ave_current[5]={15.2,,6.2,15.,15.2,15.2};

    Float_t deadtime_t2[5]={13.,23.,23.,14,-1.};

    Float_t deadtime_t6[5]={25.,12.,23.,-1.,13.};

    Float_t deadtime_t8[5]={25.,10.,22.,24.,26.};

    first run, t2 dominate t6, t2 dead time is small

    Second run, t6 dominate t2, t6 dead time is small, beam trip leads to a small dead time on t8

    Third run, t6 is similar to t2, same dead time

    Fourth run, t2 only, 14% dead time is similar to t2 dead time in the t2 dominating t6 situation

    Fifth run, t6 only, 13 % dead time is similar to t6 dead time in the t6 dominating t2 situation

    Finally, the offline dead time makes sense.