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    User name R. Subedi

    Log entry time 00:00:57 on February19,2009

    Entry number 262002


    keyword=Shift Summary (Swing)

    16:00 Hall is still in controlled access to fix the moller quad.

    L-HRS momentum setting: 1.42 GeV/c, angle: 45 deg, Kin name: J.

    16:22 Beam permit.

    16:30 Got beam but BPM positions were not as af prescription, beam tuning for correct BPMs (BPMA: -1.3 x 2.5, BPMB: -0.8 x 2.5).

    16:44 BPM postions ok.

    16:50 Start raster check (for 2x2 raster (MCC 2x2.6)) on BeO/optics target.

    17:00 Switch to N2 reference cell.

    17:10 - 17:22 Raster scan with N2 target

    17:22 - 17:43 BigBite trigger check by Kalyan and Xin.
    17:50 N2 production starts, will run for 30 minutes @15 uA.

    18:20 Stopped N2 reference cell and let MCC do harp scan.

    Slight change in Run-Plan now: will go to different low momentum settings so as to take N2 reference cell data.

    18:23 Changed L-HRS momentum setting to 0.7 GeV/c in order to take
    N2 reference cell data.

    18:35 MCC is done with harp scan.

    18:35 Asking for 15 uA beam for N2 data taking.
    18: Starting N2 ref cell data

    19:16 Set momentum as 0.6 GeV/c (still N2 ref cell data-taking).

    19:22 N2 ref cell data taking starts.

    19:59 Asked for 1 uA beam for Bogdan's test on "vacuum" ref cell.

    20:08 Preparing for 10 atm of H2 cell for Bogdan.

    20:21 Bogdan is done.

    Set momentum to 1.42 GeV/c while Bogdan was doing his test. Cycled Q2 and Q3.

    ########## Looks like we took H2 ref cell data instead of N2 data for all of the above production runs (meant for N2 ref cell) (See separate Halog entry (261948) by A. Deur). ##########

    20:27 Now filling N2 in the ref cell. Will take 30 minutes of data here. This is "real" N2 ref cell now.

    20:43 Start N2 ref cell. BigBite did not tolerate 15 uA. Went to 5uA (RC suggested).

    Plan is to go back again to lower momentum settings (0.7 and 0.6 GeV/c) and take "real" N2 ref cell data.

    21:15 Making ready for 0.7 GeV/c momentum setting on LHRS to do N2 ref cell data.

    21:27 Start N2 ref cell production at 0.7 GeV/c momentum setting.

    22:00 Changing momentum setting to 0.6 GeV/c for N2 ref cell data taking.
    22:06 N2 ref cell data taking at 0.6 GeV/c momentum setting.

    22:36 Set momentum to 1.42 GeV/c, cycled Q2 and Q3.

    22:50 Raster scan with 3He target.
    Beam down for a while.
    23:28 Finally production runs on 3He start in Kin J.