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    User name brads

    Log entry time 14:05:47 on February 20, 2009

    Entry number 262295

    This entry is a followup to: 262288

    keyword=Moved bbsfi2, bbsfi3 to their own network switch & port

    Those are the two MWDC TDC crates: ROC8 and ROC9.

    That switch is a 5 port 100Mbit Netgear unit. It is plugged into a the 100 Mbit switch at the bblinux computer table. That switch is connected to a 100Mbit port on the managed switch.

    We should now have the following machines on these ports:
      halladaq-cat:13    <-->   100Mbit switch in the DAQ weldment
      >> (00:C0:B7:76:82:19 is hareboot26.jlab.org),
      >> (00:C0:B7:78:FF:12 is hareboot28.jlab.org),
      >> (00:40:9D:29:9E:9F is bbps1.jlab.org),
      >> (08:00:11:19:3D:2E is bbspare1.jlab.org),
      >> (00:01:AF:07:CB:74 is bbvme1.jlab.org),
      >> (00:01:AF:0B:AF:55 is bbsfi1.jlab.org),
      >> (00:40:9D:28:20:EB is bbps2.jlab.org),
      >> (00:C0:B7:29:9C:A4 is hareboot30.jlab.org),
      >> (00:50:C2:26:E0:7F is bbcamac1.jlab.org),
      >> (00:01:AF:14:CB:D6 is bbts2.jlab.org),
      >> (00:40:9D:2E:29:3B is bbps1.jlab.org)
      halladaq-cat:12 <--> 100Mbit switch at the bblinux desk <--> 
                                 100Mbit switch near bbsfi2, bbsfi3
      >> bblinux1.jlab.org
      >> bblinux2.jlab.org
      >> (00:01:AF:13:EC:1C is bbts1.jlab.org),
      >> (00:01:AF:0D:07:E4 is bbsfi2.jlab.org),
      >> (00:01:AF:0B:AF:85 is bbsfi3.jlab.org),