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    User name Ole Hansen

    Log entry time 00:00:21 on February21,2009

    Entry number 262406

    keyword=Swing Shift Summary

    Shift Workers:

    Ole Hansen (SL)
    Vladimir Nelyubin (TO)
    David Flay (3rd) (for Whitney Armstrong)


    Productive data taking for kinematics H on polarized 3He.
    DAQ problems around 18:40 due to /adaqfs/home full. CODA restarted
    and disk cleaned up. First few BB runs of the shift have unexpectedly
    high, fluctuating deadtime, which was fixed by a complete DAQ reboot
    including frontends. Encouraged, we decided to include the BigBite
    Cherenkov FADCs in the readout in later runs (1652 ff.) This
    increased the data rate from 10 MB/s to almost 12 MB/s, which we seem
    to be able to handle well in buffered mode.

    Runs: (all with pol 3He target, 15 uA current)

    Run# #events Comments
    20294 200k Beam trip at end
    20297 300k
    --- target spin direction changed ---
    20298 100k
    20299 500k
    20300 500k
    20301 320k Ended for NMR measurement

    Run# #events Comments
    1644 2M deadtime unexpectedly high, fluctuating. ps2=4
    1647 3.7M dto.
    --- target spin direction changed ---
    1648 1.1M dto.
    --- reboot front ends, CODA, to fix deatime problems (successful)
    1649 500k deadtime good, ps2=3
    1650 7M ps2=2 (2.5 kHz rate)
    --- switch to bb_buf_FADC mode to include BB Cher FADC readout
    1652 3.1M ended for MWDC HV trip
    1653 7M
    1654 7M
    1655 1.7M ended for NMR measurement