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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 08:47:59 on February23,2009

    Entry number 262822

    keyword=data disk cleanup (e06010)

    Several data files from e06010 had been duplicated on the data
    disks. These will appear in /mss as e06010_N_2nd*, e06010_N_3rd*,
    etc, where N = run number. This happens because of DAQ glitches.

    Also, there were a number of jpg, pdf, and BB_field* files on
    these disks, mostly from early in the e06010 run period, which
    I archived (tar files) as e06010_dataM.tar, BB_dataM.tar, where
    M = disk number. These were also put into /mss for e06010
    and removed from data disks.