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    User name jpchen

    Log entry time 12:16:03 on February23,2009

    Entry number 262874

    keyword=reference system gauges re-calibrated.

    Recalibrated the pressure and vacuum gauges for the reference cell system:
    Before calibration, at 1 atm (after venting), Upstairs pressure reading was -13 psig, vaccum gauge reading was 769 torr; at vacuum,
    pressure reading was -28 psig and vaccum reading was -3 torr; the downstair pressure gauge reading also -28 psgi and vaccum reading -5 torr.
    Zeroed both vaccum gauges and changed both pressure gauge to be -15 psig. Put to 1 atm N2, Downstair vaccum gauge reading was 772 torr
    and upstair reading 773 torr. Both pressure gauge readings were 0 psig.