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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 18:28:46 on February 23, 2009

    Entry number 262956


    keyword=re: L-HRS runstart problem (fixed)

    L-HRS was failing to open a file. The "bobfile.tcl" script was failing. The experiment
    paged me. We solved this by rebooting all the crates and restarting CODA, and in addition
    I commented out the line "DP_tell TS0 configure -user_flag3 1"

    Oh ! TS0 should have been TS1 !! (Groan ... TS0 is R-HRS.)

    If TS0 is down, this script would fail, and the info is misleading because actually TS0 is down.
    But we don't need this feature now, so I comment it out. The feature's purpose was to pass
    a flag to the TS to write prescales to an "event type 120", relevant only for filesplitting,
    which is not happening on L-HRS. So leave it commented out. For the 1st file (dat.0) you
    should get this event type 120 regardless of this flag.

    But then I noticed we are NOT getting event type 120, and this is because I need "psevent=1"
    in ts_scaler.crl. I've made this just now, so it should take hold the next download. Please
    download again at the next opportunity. The old crl is ts_scaler_SAVE2.crl. (Whew!)

    - Bob

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