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    User name Franklin/Parno

    Log entry time 16:39:23 on February 24, 2009

    Entry number 263150

    keyword=Compton FADC problem "fixed"

    Yesterday evening (2/23) the Compton FADC DAQ quick working in mid-run. The DAQ buffers contained the "FADC not ready" flag. Both the Accumulator configuration and the Triggered configuration had the same problem. It appeared that the FADC was not receiving a "stop" signal. (Although the same NIM signal is sent to the TIR trigger bit and this was working.) After a day of debugging, it appears the the internal FADC register bit that is used to test for FADC ready quit working in mid-run but everything else works. We modified the CODA crl files to avoid testing this bit and both the Accumulator mode and Triggered mode now seem to work.

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