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    User name D. Parno

    Log entry time 16:59:46 on February25,2009

    Entry number 263298

    keyword=Good electron rate for 4J kinematic

    I replayed a full LHRS run (#20392) for the 4J kinematic (beam at four pass; momentum setting = 1.51 GeV/c; this is how we're running at present). A rough plot of the good electrons is shown in the bottom pane of the figure.

    We have about 1612 good electrons in a 96.5-minute run, yielding a good electron rate of 0.278 Hz. The expected rate at this kinematic is 0.118 Hz, so our rough measurement gives about 2.4 times more good electrons than we had expected, consistent with our calculations at other kinematics.

    FIGURE 1