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    User name B. Quinn

    Log entry time 15:23:23 on June 4,2010

    Entry number 324513

    keyword=Lost communication with Right HV crate

    Found Lumi 7 is saturated (and Lumi's 1&2 are dead, which Luis tells us is a known problem).

    Tried changing voltage on lumi 7 (according to map in HowTo). This had no effect, which makes sense because it was already drawing zero current, suggesting that HV channels 15.10 and 15.11 are not really on Lumi 7 and 8 as the documentation says, but on Lumi 1 and 2, which are not working. Checked for errors in HV cabling. Found that
    15.4 (label=Lumi 1) really affects Lumi 3
    15.5 (label=Lumi 2) really affects Lumi 4
    15.6 (label=Lumi 3) really affects Lumi 5

    THEN, before I could change the next one, I lost contact with the HV controller!! The screen gave messages in vt52-type symbols. After resetting the terminal, I found typing
    telnet hatsv3 2005
    connect to address Connection refused