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    User name Ole Hansen

    Log entry time 23:53:38 on June 4,2010

    Entry number 324577

    keyword=iochacp2 followup

    Ok ... so after some digging and with John Wexlers's help, we find a log entry from May 19 that says that "iochacp2 is electron detector motion is on hareboot port 3". Well, "hareboot" is rather generic as there are 12 of them (some offline). A followup log entry explains that it is on outlet 3 of hareboot4. Logging into hareboot 4, we find this channel labelled "iochawt1". Really great how it all makes sense. In any case, we reboot this guy. Then we call MCC to find out if it worked. They say (although not with much conviction) that "iochacp2" is still down. Trying to reach a Compton person now ...