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    User name Ole Hansen

    Log entry time 00:03:13 on June 5,2010

    Entry number 324578

    keyword=Swing Shift Summary

    Start shift with production data taking in progress.

    At 16:45, MCC calls, saying that there is a 2K coldbox trip (basically a CHL crash, as I understand it). As a result, we will be down for hours.

    Spent rest of shift waiting for beam. RF recovery in progress at end of shift.

    adaql3 became instable and required a reboot. One of the two redundant system disks has died. The machine should be fine with just one disk until Monday.

    Runs taken: 4267


    - Paul King fixed problem with g0inj crate. We can now run in "prex" parity DAQ mode again (instead of PrexNoQweak)

    - Fixed problem with adaql2 screen display (low resolution, geometry overlap). Required reboot of adaql2

    Open problems:

    - iochacp2 (Compton) apparently still down. Compton expert should look into it. We have no documentation as to how to reboot and diagnose it.