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    User name A. Camsonne

    Log entry time 06:56:09 on June 06, 2010

    Entry number 324802

    keyword=Beam recovery

    A few things to check before starting the long beam recover procedure and before beam is back : - turn septa on at 729 A ( instruction in OPS manual ) - check that scintillator HV are off and Compton GSO HV is off - when beam resume, ask for raster off and do a HARP scan, if beam is still around 300 microns on HARP 4A continue to next step, if the less than 200 microns give me a call -Start long beam recovery procedure, when checking the raster on empty target with T8 post the results and make sure than tune is not convergent on target, raster size on 4A should be smaller than on 4B and size on 4B should be smaller than on target. -If so continue with the long target recovery procedure ( low current and T5 and so on ... )

    Give me a call when you are about to go back to high current for production or if you have any issues or question during the process.


    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: zhamed@jlab.org,sereres@jlab.org,cg2ja@virginia.edu