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    User name efuchey

    Log entry time 08:03:46 on June 7,2010

    Entry number 325066

    keyword=6/07/2010 Owl shift summary

    Summary for 6/07/2010 Owl

    Shift crew:
    SL: Eric FUCHEY
    TO: Sereres JOHNSTON
    3rd: Asenath ETILE

    Return on production mode the 6/06 at 23h56:
    Parity run 4356 started;
    Compton run 22951 started.

    Experienced some trouble with Hall A beam current status: printing "down' even though the current was at 50 uA. Fixed by calling MCC about it.

    ~3h40: Crash of IOC 11 and 16 (HRS-R). Suspected to come from a network crash. Short access requested to MCC.

    ~4h30: initiating short beam recovery procedure.
    ~4h45: short beam recovery procedure completed.
    Return to production mode at ~4h50:
    Parity run 4361 started;
    Compton run 22956 started.

    ~7h10: Experienced an HV trip in slot 11 (tDVCS) of Beamline HV crate.

    Parity runs (start time):
    4356 (23h56, the 6/06)
    4357 (0h50)
    4358 (1h42)
    4359 (2h32)
    4360 (3h22) => affected by IOC crash
    4361 (4h47)
    4362 (5h39)
    4363 (6h30) => affected by HV trip
    4364 (7h20)

    Compton Runs (start time):
    22951 (23h56, the 6/06)
    22952 (0h57)
    22953 (1h57)
    22954 (2h57)
    22956 (4h51)
    22957 (5h52)
    22958 (6h54) => affected by HV trip
    22959 (7h53)