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    User name silwal

    Log entry time 21:03:06 on June 07, 2010

    Entry number 325166

    keyword=different dithering responses before/after Moller

    Response before moller: http://www.jlab.org/~adaq/halog/html/1006_archive/100607064112.html

    Response after moller: http://www.jlab.org/~adaq/halog/html/1006_archive/100607205059.html

    The y-responses are different, particularly the last y-coil. The x coil & energy coil amplitudes are 50 mA before moller, and 70 mA after moller. All the y coil amplitudes are 100 mA before/after moller.

    Mindy called MCC to check that the configuration before/after moller are the same. She was told that it is.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: paschke, benesch, kkumar, rom, jixie