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    User name Jack (Techs)

    Log entry time 11:52:57 on June 08, 2010

    Entry number 325264

    keyword=Septum magnet power supply

    Heidi and Jessie found the Septum magnet power supply unresponsive to the EPICS interface. The local display panel was blank. I hit the "big red button" and dumped the magnet. After Radcon surveyed the pivot area the supply was reset and seems to function correctly. Please note that the current readback is done through the control board in the power supply. If the control board is corrupted we have no readback of the current in the magnet. What is entered into the EPICS Archiver is merely the last valid response from the power supply. So, although you see a number in the current readback window, if there is a communication error with the power supply, it does not necessarily reflect the current in the magnet. A word to the wise.