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    User name silwal

    Log entry time 15:06:20 on June 09, 2010

    Entry number 325413

    keyword=Moeller variables added to the halog run epics start/end scripts

    Added the following Moeller variables to the halogRunStart_parity & halogRunEnd_parity script at the request of Kent.

    log "Moeller ON/OFF : "`$CAGET -t IGL1I00MOELLERMODE` log "MQM1H02 Setpoint(Amps) : "`$CAGET -t MQM1H02.S` log "MQM1H02 Readback(Amps) : "`$CAGET -t MQM1H02M` log "MQO1H03 Setpoint(Amps) : "`$CAGET -t MQO1H03.S` log "MQO1H03 Readback(Amps) : "`$CAGET -t MQO1H03M` log "MQO1H03A Setpoint(Amps) : "`$CAGET -t MQO1H03A.S` log "MQO1H03A Readback(Amps) : "`$CAGET -t MQO1H03AM` log "MMA1H01 Setpoint(Amps) : "`$CAGET -t MMA1H01` log "MMA1H01 Readback(Amps) : "`$CAGET -t MMA1H01M`

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: paschke