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    User name ZAFAR AHMED

    Log entry time 00:00:50 on June10,2010

    Entry number 325491

    keyword=June 9 Swing Shift Summary

    16:00----Shift started. Jack will fix the right magnet tomorrow. We asked the MCC for beam permit. MCC called because huts door were open. Konrad Ainol and I went down, stairs were roped so I called MCC then arm came and we closed the doors.
    17:15----I turned on the HV of upper scintillator for short period of time to check it.
    17:21----Turned ON the septum magnet and started the beam recovery procedure.
    18:00----MCC is checking the tune at the date of May 5th. It will take one hour, we will start the beam recovery after this.
    20:25----After MCC finished the test we started the beam recover. We did four spot++ with different values of raster and the final spot++ (HALOG 325449) has raster of size 27x9.5 in MCC units which gives our 6x4 mm raster. Finished the beam recovery and we are in production.
    20:50----I run the flipper for slug 33.
    21:43----Luis started his test.
    22:30----Luis finished his test, we started teh production.
    00:00----Next shift crew is here.

    Parity Production Run: