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    User name Mindy

    Log entry time 16:06:50 on June 10, 2010

    Entry number 325566

    This entry is a followup to: 325563

    keyword=detector asymmetry with 5x5 dithering / regression correction in slug 32

    in slug 32:
    (before the beam optics)
    one slope file is for both arm data; the other is for single-arm data.
    in slug 33:
    (after the beam optics)
    the slope file is for single-arm data.
    In slug 33, did you find the mean for regress corrected plots is very
    larger (10^1 order) than the normal case by a factor of 10 - 100?
    Normally it is 10^0 - 10^-1 order.
    Attachment 1 : w/o dither / regress corrected
    Attachment 2 : w/ dither corrected
    Attachment 3 : w/ regress corrected
    P.S. (post-script):
    I changed the color code, so that every of cycles, where one cycle
    includes nine dithering slope groups, has the color codes (0: black
    (default), 1: red, 2: light green, 3: blue, 4: yellow, 5: pink, 6: light
    blue, 7: green, 8: purple, 9: brown(the cycle is finished here.)) which
    are more vivid.

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    Figure 1

    Figure 2

    Figure 3