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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 15:54:29 on June11,2010

    Entry number 325705

    keyword=run plan for tonight

    As long as we promise not to put in more than 2 uA we
    can put in the cavity amplifiers and play with cavities
    simultaneously. Then remove the amplifiers in the morning.

    The goals are:

    -- High statistics Lead inelastics
    -- Qsq on thick C12 May as well do thin C12 too.
    -- Background scan: dipole up and down.
    (Up maps the rescattering background. Down maps the inelastics)
    -- GEM commissioning and first Qsq measurement with GEM.

    All this is with low current running ( 100 nA or less).


    1. First establish low current. Laser and attenuator to get
    known rates on BeO.

    2. Checks of beam position with low-I cavities, done throughout.

    3. Raster must be on always. Normal value 6 x 4.

    4. Start with thin C12. Do a Qsq run, at least 200K events

    5. Thick C12. 500K events Qsq run.

    6. Move to thin lead. Run for 3 hours for high stats.

    7. GEM studies to be done during 4,5,6 above.

    8. Dipole scan: Run with counting mode, step dipole up and
    then down. Each run 100K events or 20 minutes, whichever
    comes first. Prefer to use S0 trigger but can use upper
    scint trigger T5 if that is all that's available.

    Runs :

    B-field up: +1%, +2%, +4%, +7%, +10%, +15%, +20%, +25%, +30%
    B-field down: -1%, -2%, -4%, -7%, -10%, -12%