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    User name J. Zhang

    Log entry time 19:45:51 on June12,2010

    Entry number 326082

    keyword=Shift Summary 16:00-20:00

    Shift Summary
    16:00 Shift started. HWP changed to "OUT", start slug 157. Thick C target.
    16:23 Ended run 4479 because large charge asymmetry. This run is junk
    18:59 We made a mistake to increse the slug number to 158. Actually both the wien and the HWP were not changed.
    19:00 Parity DAQ stop taking data in run 4483. Tried to end it but fail. Restarted it and continue taking data with 4485.

    Run List:
    slug 157 (transversity)
    4479 junk
    4480 80.7K 131.7mC
    4481 70.5K 115.8mC
    4482 84.9K 138.6mC
    4483 10 minutes run but DAQ crashed
    4484 junk
    4485 still underway.