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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 20:55:27 on June12,2010

    Entry number 326095


    keyword=R-HRS HV totally unusable

    We cannot change any HV on R-HRS. The %*%&*@ vt100 mode
    is in a mode called "packed status" and basically stuck.

    Tried the hv_gui thing. Overcame some problems (below)
    but when it popped up there was an unusable blank screen.

    adaql10.jlab.org> start_hvgui
    Starting BigBite HV gui. Please be patient...

    A VNC server is already running as :9

    adaql10.jlab.org> ps awx | grep hvgui

    kill the pids

    Complains about some lock files.

    adaql10.jlab.org> rm /tmp/.X11-unix/X9
    /bin/rm: remove socket `/tmp/.X11-unix/X9'? y
    adaql10.jlab.org> rm /tmp/.X9-lock
    /bin/rm: remove write-protected regular file `/tmp/.X9-lock'? y

    vncviewer: unable to open display ""

    Solution from hacsbc2
    [hacuser@hacsbc2]#ssh -X adaql10 -l adev